Sunday, September 25, 2011

The beginning of a traveler's log

Hello my Friend!

     If you are reading this; you are probably my friend. Or you will turn into one in the following days. Therefore, I welcome you to my travel log, something I was doubting on doing and to which a friend convinced me into diving to.

     I am 5 months away from my departure from my native Argentina, living for two months in the island of Ibiza, one of the Baleares belonging to Spain. Few days away from leaving this island, I find myself in a breaking point. My main objective arriving to the European continent was to get a job to get into the social security on any country of the EU and therefore get a longer lasting medical insurance than the tourist one.With that covered, I now look into the horizon with no other objective than to travel and discover. Knowing and getting to know me. And with that I can see an almost infinitive spread of possibilities in my horizon, and I find myself in front of the reality of having to define a direction. A great responsibility in the life of any traveler, since even in a constant improvisation; one requires to know the north to where the compass points to.

     In the following days, while I will be submerged into the meditation of in which direction t point my body, I will leave on this blog the letters I sent up to this day and so you will be able to know my trip up to today.

     I hope you enjoy reading my adventures, as much as I hope to enjoy living them.

A big hug, and kisses too.
Never forget to be happy;