Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30 Turns around the Sun

     In this city where I am I want to spend my birthday, the 30th and nothing less, and I am going to spend it together with Agustin. A friend of always that will gain the responsibility of representing everyone that are in Argentina and with who I won't be able t share this day.

     Those who know me know the importance I have always given to my birthdays, how insistent I can be to get everyone together in one party (even my divorced parents and their respective couples), and in another party all my friends. The reminders, the complains to those who were late or didn't showed up. It is not like I want my selfish day, or that I think of it a such an important occasion in the history of mankind (not yet at least), its just that with an engineers mind as I always had, I see as something good marking the milestones of the stages. It helps when you want to analyse in details what has been done, and also to see more clearly where is better to go.

     In this adventure I am on, where so many times I will have to analyse the past and rethink the future, this birthday will end up being just one more anecdote. But thirty is not a small number, many have been warning me, and it carries the stigma of being the date in which we are supposed to have "arranged" our lives. So it just occurred to me that it deserved the respect of making a special mention in my log.

     My parents have my phone number, if anyone wants to send a message, and if not the virtual world is always available.

Big kisses. Hugs too. And the little pinches to those who want them of course as well!
See you around the world!

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