Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back in the Peninsula

My time in Ibiza has come to an end. I came back to Barcelona to regroup before ging back to the road with all sails to the wind. I came back with a very positive balance of my stay in Ibiza, many new things learned and a lot of growth. I did hit some rocks on my path, but I don't think I hit them twice, which is what matters (note: in spanish there is a saying that says the Man is the only animal that hit twice the same rock).

Barcelona gave me a great welcome, given that on my second day we went out for  country walk in the surroundings, in mount Tibidabo. Some 9 kilometres that took its many hours, but that are great to get the engines started.

Now to see how the week and the next days look, since I am planning to spend my birthday here and the next day hit the road to my next destination.

I wish the best to everybody. Never forget to be happy. The happier we are, the better the planet will be.

Take care!

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  1. Martincho, me alegro que tu viaje haya comenzado. Bueno, adelantame algo de la ruta. Que viene en los proximos dias...
    abrazo desde Santa Fe city