Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To practice Detachment

I have an objective on this trip: to go back to Argentina carrying nothing I brought from there.

It's an exercise. An exercise of detachment, for a person that saved his only football (soccer) t-shirt for almost 20 years, a shirt he never wore, from a spot he never liked, just because it was a memory from his childhood, is an exercise that implies effort.

I didn't bring a lot from home, but I did bring things with sentimental value. I had the backpack that my older brother brought me from his trip to Europe more than 11 years ago; I have the Swiss army knife my dad gave me for my 14th birthday; I have a backpack I brought on my first adventure trip to Canada, 10 years ago; I have a t-shirt that I won with the sweat of my forehead helping to put up a circus spectacle for my friend in Ushuaia, 5 years ago; I have a list that were I to write it, it wouldn't fit this blog.

And one day I thought that I want to change, that to Argentina it wont be returning the same person that came out of it. And that to change it's necessary to learn to leave the past behind., so the future can give us new things. And for all the new, one must make room.

I've already started. I already left some things, I already gave away a little of what I brought. I am already going lighter. And lighter, the trip is better.

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  1. comentario nª1: la paso muy bien con tus relatos..logras generar alegria y transportar a quien te lee!!!(o sera porq te conozco??)...te dejo muchos besos!...