Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"TWO YEARS IS NOTHING" - 20th delivery

    Twenty letters written in two years of traveling. Two years counting from May the 28th 2011, the day I embarqued the plain that took me to Paris.

     TWO YEARS! Two years and to me it feels like I just started. People everywhere, here and there, ask me: "When are you going back?"; "Don't you miss you family, friends?"; "Don't you get tired of traveling?". And I think: "but... I just started." (!!!)

     I have already been to three continents, but only to 6 countries.

     I've traveled fast, I've traveled calmly. I hitchhiked, and I also payed for plain tickets. I've slept in house of my family, at friend's, in hotels and hostels, and once I almost slept in the streets. I've met people with whom I had excellent talks of 3 minutes, and with other I talked of so many things that I was invited to stay at their place. I changed my habits regarding food, clothing, even personal hygiene!

     In two years I've read more books than in the previous 10. I've read about philosophy, and I learned new things about how to explain life; I also read about mysticism, and I started meditating; I've read great classic such as "1984" and "The Jungle Book"; and I also read some senseless books and filled with fiction, and even one that talks about traveling the way I do.

     In theses two years, in each new city I set foot, I tried to taste their most typical food, and sometimes I accomplished it.  I've tasted things I never expected to taste, like frozen yogurt, and other things I new but with a completely different taste, like Sicilian homemade olive oil. I learned new recipes, like a lemon cake with yogurt, and I helped in the making of more than 200 liters of beer.

     In two years I got three jobs in three different places, and it added up to 14 months of work. There were some town where I was thinking of staying a couple of days and I only spent a couple of hours, and some other towns where I was going to stay for 3 days and I've been 5 weeks. Some places I was just passing through, and some others I came back several times.

     In two years that I have been traveling life filled me with blessing. And I can't even think of stopping. I will keep on wandering, I'll keep on knowing, I'll keep on learning and I will keep on enjoying.

To all of you I send warm regards, many kisses and strong embraces. This is a mail for my family, the family I was born into, and the family I adopted along the way. And I am sharing this with everybody so you can accompany me in this adventure.

Don't forget to be happy!
From a French farm where they are rehearsing Colombian cumbia,
Martin Lobert.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Volver a empezar, aún no termina el viaje" - 19th deliver‏

"Volver a empezar, aun no termina el juego. Volver a empezar, que no se apague el fuego"
This is from a song in Spanish, the translation would go something like: "To start again, the game is not over yet. To start again, the fire must not go out"

     And that is why I am traveling again, because the fire is still alive and it was asking for it. It was demanding it hard! Ten months staying still in one city was very good. I learned about the professional, I learned a lot about myself, and I learned new things about what I can do in life. An in order to keep on learning, and put in practice what I have learned, is the reason I am traveling again.

     When I left Paris I had the clear intention of spending between 5 and 15 days in Brittany, a French province, so as to get a boat and crossing over to the United Kingdom. I left towards Chartres, just because it was a destination close enough to get there in the same day; and it also has its own history and its renowned Cathedral. And already there I changed my original plan for the good vibes from the peple I met there: in stead of 1 I stayed 3 nights. After that I kept a little to the original idea, which was to go to Rennes so I could make a trip to Saint Michaels Mount (translated; the original name is Mont Saint Michel). In Rennes, besides longening my stay to almost a week so I could enjoy a night of Swing, I decided to do a big tour so I could go around a little in the French Britain before crossing over to the Great Britain.

     The fun thing is that this small change of plans generated an avalanche of circumstances for which not only am I still in Bretagne, but that I am also going to stay a couple more days.

     I left Rennes to do a trip around Finisterre, world's end, another one like Ushuaia. And in this tour the people I met already proposed me to stay more days at their home than originally planned. And on the getting out of the city of Brest I had the good luck of meeting Jean Jean, and happy crazy person that was going to hitch hike in the same spot I was going to who proposed me, and successfully convinced me, to go to a circus festival entitled "Tant qu'il y aura des mouettes" (which means "As long as there are sea gulls. This festival lasted for three days, after which I finally went to see the Saint Michael Mount. The only thing being that after the Mount I didn't try to cross over, instead I went back to Paulo and Sandra's, some friends I met in the festival des Mouettes and that invited me to their house, so I could go with them the following Sunday to a Squat where they were going to play. Because the play Colombian cumbia with their group, and is really nice to dance to. Cool, huh?

     Well, while I was staying at their place I find out that they were planning a clown workshop with a friend of them that was visiting. And of course, I signed up. And I put on a red nose for the first time in my life.

     And making me feel like family, and with the request of the 6 inhabitants of the house to make myself at home, I did. And I am still here, and tomorrow starts a festival in a nearby town where I am going to be volunteering. Because is a festival they are organizing, with all the group of friends. And sure, I am helping!

     The game is still on, and to enjoy life one must play. My plans for the future are still in draft; what is clear is that I want to cross over to the United Kingdom in a ship, without paying. Y may hitchhike to the cars getting into a ferry; maybe one of my new friends crosses over the English Channel in their sail boat at takes me with. Time will tell.

Here is where I leave you. Don't forget to be happy!
Hugs and kisses from Quemper Guezennec.

Martin "no-mad" Lobert

Bretagne and Finisterre

     Brittany is one of the prettiest region, and warmest (in a human level), that I've seen in my life. Comparable with what I lived in Ushuaia. And the weather in the area of Finisterre, as special as it is; makes me feel at home; it's also the same as in Ushuaia. Clouds, rain, wind, sun, heat, cold, everything in the same day!

     Thanks to Arno's advice when I was in Rennes, I started a voyage to visit the coast just north of the Brest area, that to him is the most beautiful in Brittany. n the Universe has me so convinced that he likes me travelling, that I undertook the travel with no certainty of where I would sleep that night. And during the trip, that could have hardly been any better, I got an answer of a couple in the town of Landeda that invited me to stay with them, just one night because they themselves where going travelling afterwards. And  could have hardly been invited to a better place! A dreamed house, right in the area where I wanted to go, at the edge of the sea, in the entrance of an Aber (Aber is a Breton word that means, as far as I understood, a long estuary  of the river towards the inner land). After that I went travelling around the west coat going down to the city of Brest, and during the promenade I found only good hospitality, good vibes, and good people.

     It is very nice when travelling turns into a real placer that sums the places which one goes by with the people one encounters in said places. Even the ones that picked me up hitchhiking!

     In my first hitchhiking trip towards Finisterre, the guy gave me a piece of cake that his mother had given him at her place... I am talking about a guy of forty-something. The place where I slept that night; in Landeda, I was invited with dinner, breakfast and lunch, besides of a bed in a room just for me; and when I talked about my will to collaborate but my inability to do so because of our isolated we where, I loved listening as an answer my same philosophy  that everything comes back, and that some day the favor would come from the other side.

     When several days later I went to visit the Mont St Michel, I stayed in the house of a CS girl that lived with her father and they were starting this thing of hosting; she had been travelling for the last years, but hadn't been able to host people. They had already planned a bicycle stroll to see the Mount that very night; and the following day she asked her mother so I could go to a dinner party with some friends they were having on the other house. They make you feel like a real guest!

     In Camaret-sur-Mer, in the peninsula of Crozon, when I met with my CS, he invited me as usual to have a drink. But after that, when with drove by some friends that where going surfing, he asked me if I wouldn't prefer to go to the beach to surf... I don't surf, but I nailed the body board and it was hand down one of the best afternoons of this trip!

     The trip goes on and I keep on living new adventures, still in Bretagne getting to me fifth week, doing some thing for the first time, like cooking dulce de leche and helping in the prune of tomato plants. And this very day I will be helping in the setting up of a Festival or circus and music that takes places this weekend in the nearby town-port. But the Circus is a tell for another time...

Thanks for standing by me!
Don't forget to be happy!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

A New Blog

Starting today, I have changed the idea of the Blog.

     It will no longer be a simple story telling of a trip, to tun itself into a recount of what I feel like sharing through this media. Maybe my trips, maybe some ideas that cross my mind, maybe more...

     And fot this, a title that speaks of something specific, such as "5 Continents", which leaves asides the possibility of going to a sixth, or not getting to all five, is not appropriate in my taste. Therefore I changed the name of the blog, and now the correct address is:

     Which will always be side by side to its brother:

(note: specific to this English version, older post will be arriving in the degree I can translate them)

     I hope everyone likes the new change, and you enjoy it better.
     And if you where following the other blog, start following this one! And of you weren't following the other, become followers of this one! Which I promise will be kept much better than before!

Many kisses and regards to all my friends!
Don't forget to be happy!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Swing en RENNES

     It has been more than 2 weeks since I left Chartres, which gave me just enough time to enjoy the places and the company I was with, y not at all to connect to the internet.
     I have also been thinking about this blog, and I decided to make it bilingual: So starting today I will be writing in Spanish and English simultaneously, and I will be translating the older post according to my available time.
     And without further adieu, let's go on to the story:

     After Chartres, getting to Renner was easy. Hitchhiking from the toll station in Chartres worked wonderfully. I waited thirty minutes, but taking into account that there were only 30 cars that was pretty good for me! At my arrival, and to make something out of the time I had before meeting Arno (my local CS), I went by the closest supermarket and got me some food, with was a great companion to my reading at the Parc de Brequigny. And after some breton beers at the house, we went out since the Rennois movement was already starting.

     Rennes was filled with movement from the very beginning, and I mean physical and social movement. Because that night we went to a Spanish exchange, where Arno goes every week to practice the language. Y right there I started meeting the people that would make me change my time in Rennes from 2 nights to 5! Because they really make you feel welcomed, the locals as much as the ones "brought" from outside. Magical place.

     I had heard the was some Swing things in the city, and I was really looking forward to some dancing. So I contacted the local Swinguers and they told me about something going on that Thursday, which was not 100% swing but was going to be good, and a swing soireè on Sunday night. I still was clear on how long I was going to stay, so we went to see what the Thursday night thing was all about...
and it was spectacular! There was some dance, but it was fast and well above my level. But the simple fact of seeing a New Orleans Style Brass Band was awesome. A band made primarily from wind instruments. Awesome! It was after that night that I asked Arno if I could stay until Monday morning. And it was the first of many, because since I was changing my plan from 2 to 5 nights I asked enough times to be sure I wasn't bothering.

     Friday and Saturday came more touristic. Paulo, a CS that replied to my cry for help, with the greatest spirit gave me a tour of the city on Friday morning; then it was up to me to walk around the city and its touristic walks, since Arno had to work at home. On Saturday afternoon I walked into some new friends from the Spanish exchange, and we ended up going to a party that was supposed to start at 9 pm and at 1 in the morning wasn't giving any signs of life...
     On Sunday there was a picnic organized from CouchSurfing at the Parc du Thabor, so I decided to go to be surrounded by local... and it ended up being an afternoon surrounded by Latin-Americans! From Argentina, Brasil, Colombia... and 2 or 3 Bretons! And that night, just as it had been planned (and adding up some of the girls from the picnic) we went to the swing night... and I danced my feet off! How great it is to find people with good vibes that just want to have fun!

     And on Monday morning, really early, Arno left me in the precise place and I hitchhiked direction Brest, without having a definite place to sleep yet...

Thanks for reading. Befriend this blog and tell your friends about my trips!

Don't forget to b happy!