Sunday, May 12, 2013

A New Blog

Starting today, I have changed the idea of the Blog.

     It will no longer be a simple story telling of a trip, to tun itself into a recount of what I feel like sharing through this media. Maybe my trips, maybe some ideas that cross my mind, maybe more...

     And fot this, a title that speaks of something specific, such as "5 Continents", which leaves asides the possibility of going to a sixth, or not getting to all five, is not appropriate in my taste. Therefore I changed the name of the blog, and now the correct address is:

     Which will always be side by side to its brother:

(note: specific to this English version, older post will be arriving in the degree I can translate them)

     I hope everyone likes the new change, and you enjoy it better.
     And if you where following the other blog, start following this one! And of you weren't following the other, become followers of this one! Which I promise will be kept much better than before!

Many kisses and regards to all my friends!
Don't forget to be happy!

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