Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bretagne and Finisterre

     Brittany is one of the prettiest region, and warmest (in a human level), that I've seen in my life. Comparable with what I lived in Ushuaia. And the weather in the area of Finisterre, as special as it is; makes me feel at home; it's also the same as in Ushuaia. Clouds, rain, wind, sun, heat, cold, everything in the same day!

     Thanks to Arno's advice when I was in Rennes, I started a voyage to visit the coast just north of the Brest area, that to him is the most beautiful in Brittany. n the Universe has me so convinced that he likes me travelling, that I undertook the travel with no certainty of where I would sleep that night. And during the trip, that could have hardly been any better, I got an answer of a couple in the town of Landeda that invited me to stay with them, just one night because they themselves where going travelling afterwards. And  could have hardly been invited to a better place! A dreamed house, right in the area where I wanted to go, at the edge of the sea, in the entrance of an Aber (Aber is a Breton word that means, as far as I understood, a long estuary  of the river towards the inner land). After that I went travelling around the west coat going down to the city of Brest, and during the promenade I found only good hospitality, good vibes, and good people.

     It is very nice when travelling turns into a real placer that sums the places which one goes by with the people one encounters in said places. Even the ones that picked me up hitchhiking!

     In my first hitchhiking trip towards Finisterre, the guy gave me a piece of cake that his mother had given him at her place... I am talking about a guy of forty-something. The place where I slept that night; in Landeda, I was invited with dinner, breakfast and lunch, besides of a bed in a room just for me; and when I talked about my will to collaborate but my inability to do so because of our isolated we where, I loved listening as an answer my same philosophy  that everything comes back, and that some day the favor would come from the other side.

     When several days later I went to visit the Mont St Michel, I stayed in the house of a CS girl that lived with her father and they were starting this thing of hosting; she had been travelling for the last years, but hadn't been able to host people. They had already planned a bicycle stroll to see the Mount that very night; and the following day she asked her mother so I could go to a dinner party with some friends they were having on the other house. They make you feel like a real guest!

     In Camaret-sur-Mer, in the peninsula of Crozon, when I met with my CS, he invited me as usual to have a drink. But after that, when with drove by some friends that where going surfing, he asked me if I wouldn't prefer to go to the beach to surf... I don't surf, but I nailed the body board and it was hand down one of the best afternoons of this trip!

     The trip goes on and I keep on living new adventures, still in Bretagne getting to me fifth week, doing some thing for the first time, like cooking dulce de leche and helping in the prune of tomato plants. And this very day I will be helping in the setting up of a Festival or circus and music that takes places this weekend in the nearby town-port. But the Circus is a tell for another time...

Thanks for standing by me!
Don't forget to be happy!


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