Friday, May 10, 2013

Swing en RENNES

     It has been more than 2 weeks since I left Chartres, which gave me just enough time to enjoy the places and the company I was with, y not at all to connect to the internet.
     I have also been thinking about this blog, and I decided to make it bilingual: So starting today I will be writing in Spanish and English simultaneously, and I will be translating the older post according to my available time.
     And without further adieu, let's go on to the story:

     After Chartres, getting to Renner was easy. Hitchhiking from the toll station in Chartres worked wonderfully. I waited thirty minutes, but taking into account that there were only 30 cars that was pretty good for me! At my arrival, and to make something out of the time I had before meeting Arno (my local CS), I went by the closest supermarket and got me some food, with was a great companion to my reading at the Parc de Brequigny. And after some breton beers at the house, we went out since the Rennois movement was already starting.

     Rennes was filled with movement from the very beginning, and I mean physical and social movement. Because that night we went to a Spanish exchange, where Arno goes every week to practice the language. Y right there I started meeting the people that would make me change my time in Rennes from 2 nights to 5! Because they really make you feel welcomed, the locals as much as the ones "brought" from outside. Magical place.

     I had heard the was some Swing things in the city, and I was really looking forward to some dancing. So I contacted the local Swinguers and they told me about something going on that Thursday, which was not 100% swing but was going to be good, and a swing soireè on Sunday night. I still was clear on how long I was going to stay, so we went to see what the Thursday night thing was all about...
and it was spectacular! There was some dance, but it was fast and well above my level. But the simple fact of seeing a New Orleans Style Brass Band was awesome. A band made primarily from wind instruments. Awesome! It was after that night that I asked Arno if I could stay until Monday morning. And it was the first of many, because since I was changing my plan from 2 to 5 nights I asked enough times to be sure I wasn't bothering.

     Friday and Saturday came more touristic. Paulo, a CS that replied to my cry for help, with the greatest spirit gave me a tour of the city on Friday morning; then it was up to me to walk around the city and its touristic walks, since Arno had to work at home. On Saturday afternoon I walked into some new friends from the Spanish exchange, and we ended up going to a party that was supposed to start at 9 pm and at 1 in the morning wasn't giving any signs of life...
     On Sunday there was a picnic organized from CouchSurfing at the Parc du Thabor, so I decided to go to be surrounded by local... and it ended up being an afternoon surrounded by Latin-Americans! From Argentina, Brasil, Colombia... and 2 or 3 Bretons! And that night, just as it had been planned (and adding up some of the girls from the picnic) we went to the swing night... and I danced my feet off! How great it is to find people with good vibes that just want to have fun!

     And on Monday morning, really early, Arno left me in the precise place and I hitchhiked direction Brest, without having a definite place to sleep yet...

Thanks for reading. Befriend this blog and tell your friends about my trips!

Don't forget to b happy!

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