Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"TWO YEARS IS NOTHING" - 20th delivery

    Twenty letters written in two years of traveling. Two years counting from May the 28th 2011, the day I embarqued the plain that took me to Paris.

     TWO YEARS! Two years and to me it feels like I just started. People everywhere, here and there, ask me: "When are you going back?"; "Don't you miss you family, friends?"; "Don't you get tired of traveling?". And I think: "but... I just started." (!!!)

     I have already been to three continents, but only to 6 countries.

     I've traveled fast, I've traveled calmly. I hitchhiked, and I also payed for plain tickets. I've slept in house of my family, at friend's, in hotels and hostels, and once I almost slept in the streets. I've met people with whom I had excellent talks of 3 minutes, and with other I talked of so many things that I was invited to stay at their place. I changed my habits regarding food, clothing, even personal hygiene!

     In two years I've read more books than in the previous 10. I've read about philosophy, and I learned new things about how to explain life; I also read about mysticism, and I started meditating; I've read great classic such as "1984" and "The Jungle Book"; and I also read some senseless books and filled with fiction, and even one that talks about traveling the way I do.

     In theses two years, in each new city I set foot, I tried to taste their most typical food, and sometimes I accomplished it.  I've tasted things I never expected to taste, like frozen yogurt, and other things I new but with a completely different taste, like Sicilian homemade olive oil. I learned new recipes, like a lemon cake with yogurt, and I helped in the making of more than 200 liters of beer.

     In two years I got three jobs in three different places, and it added up to 14 months of work. There were some town where I was thinking of staying a couple of days and I only spent a couple of hours, and some other towns where I was going to stay for 3 days and I've been 5 weeks. Some places I was just passing through, and some others I came back several times.

     In two years that I have been traveling life filled me with blessing. And I can't even think of stopping. I will keep on wandering, I'll keep on knowing, I'll keep on learning and I will keep on enjoying.

To all of you I send warm regards, many kisses and strong embraces. This is a mail for my family, the family I was born into, and the family I adopted along the way. And I am sharing this with everybody so you can accompany me in this adventure.

Don't forget to be happy!
From a French farm where they are rehearsing Colombian cumbia,
Martin Lobert.

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