Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Volver a empezar, aún no termina el viaje" - 19th deliver‏

"Volver a empezar, aun no termina el juego. Volver a empezar, que no se apague el fuego"
This is from a song in Spanish, the translation would go something like: "To start again, the game is not over yet. To start again, the fire must not go out"

     And that is why I am traveling again, because the fire is still alive and it was asking for it. It was demanding it hard! Ten months staying still in one city was very good. I learned about the professional, I learned a lot about myself, and I learned new things about what I can do in life. An in order to keep on learning, and put in practice what I have learned, is the reason I am traveling again.

     When I left Paris I had the clear intention of spending between 5 and 15 days in Brittany, a French province, so as to get a boat and crossing over to the United Kingdom. I left towards Chartres, just because it was a destination close enough to get there in the same day; and it also has its own history and its renowned Cathedral. And already there I changed my original plan for the good vibes from the peple I met there: in stead of 1 I stayed 3 nights. After that I kept a little to the original idea, which was to go to Rennes so I could make a trip to Saint Michaels Mount (translated; the original name is Mont Saint Michel). In Rennes, besides longening my stay to almost a week so I could enjoy a night of Swing, I decided to do a big tour so I could go around a little in the French Britain before crossing over to the Great Britain.

     The fun thing is that this small change of plans generated an avalanche of circumstances for which not only am I still in Bretagne, but that I am also going to stay a couple more days.

     I left Rennes to do a trip around Finisterre, world's end, another one like Ushuaia. And in this tour the people I met already proposed me to stay more days at their home than originally planned. And on the getting out of the city of Brest I had the good luck of meeting Jean Jean, and happy crazy person that was going to hitch hike in the same spot I was going to who proposed me, and successfully convinced me, to go to a circus festival entitled "Tant qu'il y aura des mouettes" (which means "As long as there are sea gulls. This festival lasted for three days, after which I finally went to see the Saint Michael Mount. The only thing being that after the Mount I didn't try to cross over, instead I went back to Paulo and Sandra's, some friends I met in the festival des Mouettes and that invited me to their house, so I could go with them the following Sunday to a Squat where they were going to play. Because the play Colombian cumbia with their group, and is really nice to dance to. Cool, huh?

     Well, while I was staying at their place I find out that they were planning a clown workshop with a friend of them that was visiting. And of course, I signed up. And I put on a red nose for the first time in my life.

     And making me feel like family, and with the request of the 6 inhabitants of the house to make myself at home, I did. And I am still here, and tomorrow starts a festival in a nearby town where I am going to be volunteering. Because is a festival they are organizing, with all the group of friends. And sure, I am helping!

     The game is still on, and to enjoy life one must play. My plans for the future are still in draft; what is clear is that I want to cross over to the United Kingdom in a ship, without paying. Y may hitchhike to the cars getting into a ferry; maybe one of my new friends crosses over the English Channel in their sail boat at takes me with. Time will tell.

Here is where I leave you. Don't forget to be happy!
Hugs and kisses from Quemper Guezennec.

Martin "no-mad" Lobert

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