Monday, July 29, 2013

Family comes first!

     After my adventure at sea, it was time to go back to land. And it was not only the change from sea to land what had me a little bit nervous, but the time I hadn't been "moving from home", that between the time in Brittany and the time in Embruns, it sumed up to almost 3 months. Obviuosly, I was also feeling the pull of the road, and I started moving again, hitch hiking through the roads, a new house each day, new frineds in every stop.

     Life smiled at me. From the first place I went to after saying good bye to the three bateaux, and counting every place I slept up to today, I was only given the chance of feeling like part of the family, like at home.I am not saying this only for the places I sleep in, where is already a habit having total freedom, but for all the people I cross paths with. From the hidden corners of Cornwall and Devon, counting all the homes I went through to the Welsh capital, with all the drivers that opened ther heart and vehicules, I only crossed path with generous and kind people.
     Just to give some examples: while she was going camping for the weekend, she offered me to stay at her place alone for one extra night, so I could go around the area with no pressure; two old time travellers, in two different cars, in the same day, went several miles off their path to get me as close as they could to where I wanted to get to; one guy made a hurried 15 minutes trip in a byke just to hand me over my hat which I had forgotten at his house; one woman accepted me withour hesitation at her house so I could go to a swing workshop.
     With tha feeling I arrived and left Londo, where the family awaiting me shares my own blood: cousins, an aun, and a niece that not even juggling could I get a kiss from. I was 10 days enjoying that special connection that one usually shares with fmily. And is because of that special conection that I enjoy enlarging my extended family day after day.

Have a great time! Tell your family how much you love them!

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