Friday, February 21, 2014

The bike and the road... Towards a new adventure!

Before setting out
     Last February the 19th, Wednesday, after midday, I set out on my first expedition in a motorbike. Expedition is a big word, but for me it feels that way, because although the bike is small and I will probably stay on asfalt and well used roads, it is my first time in long journeys in a bike.

     Mi first day were 220 kilometers approximately (around 150 miles) from Ushuaia to Rio Grande, and it took me 5 hours. Between the indication of keeping the bike at less than 60km/h (40 miles/h) and the Fuegian winds, much more faster I couldn't have done anways And to that we ave to add that I had to stop to rest my body which is not yet used to being in that sitted position for so long! And the cold!!!

First stop just 50km in the road. Garibaldi Pass.

     Today I go back on the road. I leave for Chile, with the objective of doing some shopping in Punta Arenas and then ging to the National Park Torres del Paine...
Hoy sigo viajando. Salgo hacia Chile, con objetivo de hacer compras en Punta Arenas y después ir a acampar en las Torres del Paine.

I hope to tell you more some other day!

Abrazos y Besos por doquier.
Nos vemos por el Mundo!


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