Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Plan/Not-Plan

Hello, it's been so long!

Today I came ton ramble about that way of travelling of with I fell in love, in which the "Plan" is not to have a plan... as the tittle goes, the Plan/Not-Plan.

What do I mean?

     Me in a moment of my trip I decided to travel with no fixed course, without a plan that tied me to go through some places and leaving some other on the side. So I've been stating for a while that I travelled with out a plan; always clarifying that even that could change.

     And I understood along my kilometres travelled that hat thing of travelling completely without a compass is impossible. Or almost impossible; for me it hasn't been possible yet. Every time I went on the road, I needed an objective even if it was far away; a north to  use as a reference.
     Fir example: when I was in Great Britain, I was sure to go all the way to Scotland. The cities which I visited in England, or the little lost Scottish towns I visited, where not written down in any paper at the beginning. But Scotland sure was.

     I decided some years ago that I wanted to go around the world. And not s long ago I clarified that the "round" thing was very figurative, because there is nothing round in my trip. I have the motivation to visit a big part of the world, but if I do it in a lot of small trips, or in one of many years, I do not know.

I have a plan of not having a plan. And even that plan can change.

Today I am at the verge of a new trip. I am going to stop travelling alone. I am going to travel accompanied. And we are planning where to go without planning.


Where are we going to travel? It looses its importance. The trip is always an inside one; and my trip just duplicated itself: we have two insides to go around.

Don´t forget to be happy! Whatever you do!
See you around the world.

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