Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back on the Road, this time we are TWO!

We are hours away from getting back on the road. And it's TWO of us!
This time I am going hitchhiking with Julia, mi travelling partner friend to who I think that if I give her the "Girlfriend" labbel I am underestimating her... she is so much more than a lady friend.

This time we completed our equipment!

In the virtual world, we oppened a Facebook fan page:

And we started a Twitter account: @TrebolTravelers

We designed some stickers so as to give away as presents or souvenirs to all those who help us on the way!
We also designed and printed postcard to sell on the way, with our own photos!

And I made my debut as a writer with my first book, a dwarf book asi I like to call it, about my motobike trip from beginnings of this year.

We are diving together in this adventure of travelling as a couple, and we hope to join us along the trip!