Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bolivian Rain, an odyssey in itself

Few says after that I was publishing the tale about our transport odyssey in Bolivia, we had a bigger and graver adventure with the Bolivian rain, this time while camping. After the odyssey that left us in Pucara, we visited a little of the "The Che's Route", a touristic route of the last days of the Bolivian Guerilla. First we visited La Higuera, were El Che was ultimated, and Valle Grande, where his body was exposed. And from there we went to the town of Samaipata to meet up with our friends Seba and Clari. Samaipata had been recommended as a spectacular place to spend a few days of relax and rest. We settled where the guys were volunteering, the camping El Jardín, a beautiful place. Just to say that of the over 10 days we were camping there, except to go grocery shopping, we left it only one day. For the weekend Of Easter, "Holy Week" in South America, we had gotten a job helping out in a restaurant And we were going to bed quite tired; me, on Saturday, I hadn't gone to work because I was sick all day, feeling really bad in the stomach. Then came the dawn on Sunday morning, around 5 am, before the sun showed itself, and we were woken by some hysterical shouting. It was raining, so we thought that some drunk girl had gotten wet. But it was just that. When I tried to stick my head out, and sat, it felt weird, like floating. I touched the sides of the tent and it wasn't just wet, there was a lot of water. I told Julia "we are floating!", "What?", "We are floating! We are flooding inside!". I open the zipper to look outside and saw that what used to be a beautiful camp site was now a 300 square feet lagoon, two feet deep! I took off running with our valuable stuff and went to the kitchen to leave them. By the time I got back to the tent, the water reached my hip. Like so I dragged the tent to where I had seen dry land, which wasn't by the time I got there. With Julia we tried to safeguard our things as bes we could, and then I went to help Sebi and Clari who were camping in another spot (according to the tale I was the living image of Tarzan, since after all I was still only in my undies). The we all ran again when we heard the kitchen was flooding, and rescued what we could. The place I HD chosen to leave our valuables was filled with water, and days later we confirmed the loss of Julia's reflex camera. The computer was saved, same as the cellphones, but everything including passports was soaked and took days to dry well. Finally the rain stopped, the flood stopped climbing, and we could get ourselves together. With the passing of the hours and days we knew that all three camping near the center had suffered the same, some worst than us, with people that lost whole  backpacks and torn tents. So it turns out that the rain is not our allied in Bolivia, y we are going to better plan for future disasters. Regards to everyone! See you around the world! And despite any disaster: DON'T FORGET TO BE HAPPY!!!

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