Donations Acepted!

Today I am about to embark on trip of more than 3000km in order to visit Norway from South to North (maybe East to West also, not sure yet).
Although I have enough funds to make this journey, I will be limited after achieving my destination... and coming back will not be any cheaper! So after much thinking about it, I am starting de "Donate to me" phase of my life:

     If you think that what I am doing is worthy of your support, there is a link here for you to donate as much as you want (Informationwise, with all the expenses 10 kilometers on my Causita cost about U$D 3). You can donate as much or a little as you want, and if you don't give me any money, or even laugh at me for trying, you are still welcome to carry on following my ups and downs

     ALSO, if you are on the area, your are VERY welcome to come and join me: just message me, wave me on the road, or stick your thumb up!