Me, Me, Me

Hello my Friend,

Una foto mia en Penrynn

     Thanks for taking an interest in me! This is the page where I want to tell who I am, and what I am doing. The typical "About me..."

     It was in May 28th 2011 that I got on a plan with Paris as its destination. That is how I was starting the great trip of my life, in which I went through countries in Europe, Africa and Asia; I traveled by plane, truck and motorbike; and of which I am nearing its third anniversary... but lately I've been thinking that I started my travelling life before that...

     In July 2010 I was fired from a stable job, in a good enterprise, in a new career I had started as a technical sales person. Taking advantage of my free time, and the happy coincidence that Juanchi was in town, we did what I think was the starting kick of my nomadic life: 450 kilometers (some 300 miles) in a bicycle, below a cover of complete improvisation, from the neighborhood of Florida (Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires) up to the town of Mar del Sud.

     After that, and using the money of my compensation, I traveled to Bariloche to visit my sister who was living there; and it was in this trip where by re-connecting with Patagonia, that land that vibrates and beats differently, I understood that I was at the right time to get out of my life in the big city. I turned down a job offer days before starting, I looked for a job in a new industry completely unknown to me, and I moved to Ushuaia, the End of the World, to work as a Hostel receptionist.

     In Ushuaia I lived only 5 months and because of some differences with my Boss, I was unemployed again. But this time, thanks to the motivation of my friend Ana, I decided to lift off (literally) from Argentina, and I went on to travel with no set heading and no return date... and after almost a year on that trip is that I started mi travel log, with this entry.

It is a pleasure to have your around!
I hope you enjoy reading my notes as much as I enjoy writing them!

A big hug for you!

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